Created with Long experience and know-how
The All New Screen Shooting System


01 It is a system that allows you to experience archery games in non-face-to-face based on online
  • You can enjoy the Olympic archery game with a competitor at remote locations based on the network platform.
  • Since It creates the archery stadium with vivid 3D FULL HD contents and uses the content-optimized bow, you can feel the best reality.
  • Mobile APP support allows you to manage logins, match history, and personal rankings using apps on your mobile device (androids).
02 There are two modes: computer and game, player and game, and offers a variety of 3D contents
  • The TargetZone Olympic Archery is designed to allow users to experience the Olympic archery game by applying the same rules of the finals.
  • The mode of the game against the computer proceeds with the computer without a actual counterpart.
  • The mode of the game against the player is played against a match opponent at a network-connected remote location
  • Application of Olympic (international games) competition rules. Five sets in total, three shots per set. If the set score (two wins, one draw, zero defeat) is six points, then you will win, and if the set score is tied by five sets, the shoot-off determines the win or loss.
Select a match mode
  • Select a match mode
  • Play game against a computer, play game against a player
Mode of game against the Computer
  • Playing a game against the virtual competitor (computer) on a practice field map
Mode of game with a player
  • Play against a real opponent connected to a network on the stadium map.
03 You can enjoy vivid archery with a variety of 3D contents.
  • You can enjoy screen archery with a variety of full 3D backgrounds.
04 It provides the best reality using a game bow optimizedfor contents.
  • Bow for game, made by applying wireless modules to actual game bows and optimizing them for content, maximizes the reality of archery.
05 Composition of TargetZone Olympic archery System
  • Bow for game, made by applying wireless modules to actual game

01  Large Screen

  • Width 4.6m X Length 2.5m
  • Size optimized for archery games

02  High Definition Beam Project

  • FULL HD display
  • Single-Focus Lens

03  Single-Focus Lens

  • Application of New Wireless Module
  • Optimization for content

04  Impact Point Extraction Camera

  • CCD Camera
  • Resolution 1024 X 768

05  Speaker

  • Sound Effect for Reality

06  Game PC

  • High-Specification PC
  • External Device Interlink

07  Shooting Controller

  • Recognition of Percussion Data and Game Interaction

08  Mobile APP

  • QR code for login
  • Game History and Personal Ranking Management