TARGETZONEⒶ (Real Archery – Archery)

Created with Long experience and know-how
The All New Screen Shooting System

TARGETZONEⒶ(Real Archery – Archery)

01 It is a high-quality screen leisure that is quite different from the existing screen archery.
  • TARGETZONE is a high-quality leisure sport that is helpful to the modern mental health.
  • It is a target zone screen archery solution that can feel pleasure at high concentration and hit moment.
  • It recreated the archery stadium as it is with vivid 3D FUL HD contents, and you can feel the best reality using actual game bow.
  • The feeling of shooting a bow is intact, and the actual arrow does not fly, so anyone can enjoy the archery safely.
02 There are three modes: sports, hunting, and complex, and offers a variety of 3D content.
  • Target Zone Screen Archery is the first multi-in archery game in Korea to compete by winning the point (score), playing one round in login numbers (team), and it is a safe archery sport that does not fly a real arrow but it is intact the feeling of shooting a real bow.
  • There are three types of complex modes such as sports modes for targets, animal hunting mode and sports and hunting modes in the various map, which are composed of half and half modes.
  • Up to 5 persons (team) logins are available for play, and consist of 12 round games per game mode. You can shoot three shots in one round, and can enjoy the game with ease as the game begins when you step on the footrest
Up to 5 (team) login
  • Up to 5 (team) players are available
Sports Mode
  • It is archery game method to hit the targets fixed or moving by distance in various backgrounds, and there are two types of archery targets: targets in archery games and animal targets.
Hunting Mode
  • It is an archery hunting game with the background of mountain, which is the core of archery entertainment that hunts moving land animals or birds.
03 You can feel the fun of the archery with various 3D contents.
  • You can enjoy screen archery with a variety of backgrounds made in Full 3D.
04 Provide a fairly different reality using real-world bows
  • Screen archery bow created by applying wireless modules to actual game bow maximizes the reality of archery
05 Target Zone Real Archery System Configuration
  • The bow for the screen archery which the wireless module is applied to the actual bow for game maximizes the reality of archery

01  Supersized Screen

  • horizontal 4.6m X vertical 2.5m
  • Optimized Size for Archery Games

02  High-definition Beamproject

  • FULL HD display
  • Single Vision Lenses

03  Gaming Gun

  • Wireless module method

04  Camera for picking out the point of impact

  • CCD Camera
  • resolution 1024 X 768

05  Speaker

  • Sound effect for a sense of immediacy

06  Game PC

  • High-end PC
  • External Device Interface

07  Shooting Controller

  • Percussion Data Recognition and Game interface