Startup Process

From start-up consultation to store opening
Support successful business with reasonable procedure

01 Consulting application/Consultation
  • Product Description and Demonstration
  • Guidance of Investment costs and Profitability
  • Opening Procedure and General Information
02 Check opening conditions and apply to join
  • Select a site (Analyze trade area) and determine whether or not the opening
  • Check the relevant laws and various conditions
03 Store/Franchise agreement
  • Shop Survey
  • Contract with a store
  • Target zone agreement
04 Interior and System Installation
  • Interior Design (Head office)
  • Interior Decoration Work
  • System Installation
05 Education and Check before opening
  • Store operation (including system) Training
  • Inspection on all items before opening the store
  • (Public relations / event planning, etc.)
06 Consulting Request/ Consultation
  • PR / event
  • Opening of business
  • Post management